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Motorcycle Leathers Wedding Dresses Curtains and Soft Furnishings
Jackets Shirts Trousers Skirts Dresses

Motorcycle Leathers
Jacket Zip from 40.00
limited alterations only
no full body suits sorry
limited alterations only
limited alterations only
Large Club Badge 15.00
Small Club Badge from 3.50
Jacket Relining from 60.00

All other alterations will be priced on viewing.

Any job undertaken

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Wedding Dresses
Bodice Reduction from 75.00
Bodice Enlargement from 85.00
Corset Bodice Lace from 85.00
Wedding Dress Hems from 75.00
Bridemaid Dresses
Bodice Reduction from 25.00
Bodice Enlargement from 35.00
Dress Hems from 25.00

Personal fitting service let us show you what we can do for you taking away your stress over your dress.

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Curtains and Soft Furnishings
Curtain Alterations
Net Curtains from 4.95 Per Meter
Unlined Shortening 11.95 Per Meter
Lined Shortening 12.95 Per Meter
Curtain Splitting 17.50 Per Side
Tape Renewal 4.99 Per Meter
All work guaranteed and returned within one week. All work carried out on premises. We are a working shop!

Discount given on two or more pairs.

Cushion Covers
Plain Without Zip from 12.00
Plain With Zip from 17.95
Large Sofa Cushions from 25.00
Price on Viewing

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Take Out or Let In Side Seams from 17.50
Replace Zip from 25.00
Replace Pocket Lining 9.95 each
Reline Whole Jacket from 60.00

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Take Out or Let In Side Seams 12.95
Shorten Length from 10.95
Shorten Sleeves 12.95
Cuff Movement 12.95

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Take Out or Let In Waist from 10.95
Shorten or Lengthen from 10.95
Replace Zip 11.95
Replace Pocket 10.00 Per Pair
Rehem 4.99

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Take Out or Let In Waist from 10.95 12.95
Shorten or Lengthen from 10.95
Shorten With Lining 12.95
Replace Zip from 11.95
Reline from 22.95
Rehem 4.99

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Take Out or Let In Side Seams from 15.95
Shorten or Lengthen from 10.95
Shorten or Lengthen With Lining from 12.95
Shorten or Lengthen Straps from 5.95
Replace Zip from 12.50

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